Our current environment and modern living necessitate regular detoxification to maintain our vibrant health and prevent future illnesses. One of the common denominators in all chronic diseases is the amount of accumulated toxins in the tissues.

Toxins are difficult to see but we can certainly experience their effects on our daily functioning. Feeling fatigued and unable to do daily functions with ease, weight gain, lethargy, aches and pains, discomfort after eating, irregular bowel movements, addiction to certain foods and tastes, body odor, flatulence and halitosis are some of the ways your body is communicating with you so you take notice.

Amount and quality of coating on your tongue is something you can regularly pay attention to know the level of toxins in your gastrointestinal system.

The only way to rid the body of these toxins so it can resume its natural functioning is by detoxifying the body. We recommend 14 days for this process so you can notice significant changes in how you feel and function.

This process is highly individualized based on your current health conditions, the energy of your body and your experiences. Through pulse diagnosis, blood tests and other ayurvedic diagnostics, the doctor will determine the therapies, the diet and yoga exercises for your maximum benefit.