3 Day Panchkarma

Mini PK is a great way to experience the therapies.

A personalized set of therapies customized by our experienced Ayurvedic Doctors which include taking herbal decoctions to open the channels, a full body Abhyanga (herbalized oil massage), and full body steam therapy will leave you feeling light, refreshed and recharged.

Therapies for 3 Day panchkarma may include but are not limited to snehna, swedana, nasyam, abhiyanga, Shirodhara and karnapoorna to name a few.

Combined with balancing Ayurveda meals, yoga, pranayama and guided meditation will give you a complete mind, body and spirit experience.


Panchkarma therapies are the cornerstone of Ayurvedic Medicine, designed to purify the body of toxins and thus reverse the development of disease and aging. Restoring the natural balance in the body, mind and spirit, these therapies impart an experience of healing and wholeness, reconnecting you to your true nature and can be pivotal in implementing healthy habits in your life.

The therapies are customized according to the state of your health, needs and imbalances. PK can be done for 3 days or longer and the therapies can last 2-3 hours each day. It’s most effective when done regularly; ideally at the beginning of each season to eliminate impurities gathered over the previous season. The effectiveness of these therapies can vary for each individual.

Reported benefits from PK include: stronger immunity, relief from allergies, arthritis and back pain, improved sleep, clearing acne, reduced anxiety and depression, improved digestion, relief from past trauma, reduced dependency on drugs and medications, and a heightened sense of well-being.

Known for its curative, rejuvenative and preventive nature, PK therapies are one of the most luxurious experiences that you will have.

*Panchkarma therapies and diet are individualized by our Ayurveda doctors based on your pulse diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha) and other diagnostics.