With age, the needs of our body change, requiring better care, more rest and restoration. This need is crucial in the cold harsh winter months. Lack of care of our elderly during this time can lower their immunity making them more vulnerable to new illnesses and worsening their current conditions. Those with arthritic conditions can suffer the most with increasing pain in their joints making them less mobile. This can and often results in insomnia, depression and other chronic conditions.

Dry cold winters affect our skin, the largest organ of the body, adversely if not taken care of, resulting in constant itching and other skin conditions. 

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda understands the need of the body for every stage of life. Balancing the dry cold temperature with unctuous warming oils and herbs, calming the nervous system with special massage, the care and compassion of the practitioner is what’s needed to restore the health and vitality of our elders. The luxurious ancient therapies are the perfect anti-dote for aging body especially during the winter months to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. 

You can relax knowing that our Ayurveda doctors and therapists are highly trained to provide customized care for you with specific ayurvedic therapies, personalized diet, yoga, meditation and much more.  Above and beyond, we put your well-being and vitality at the top of our list. 

Take a few days break from the cold and come back recharged and renewed. 

Do you have aging parents or other family members who are elderly? Give them this gift of healing and well-being. They will thank you for it.

*Depending upon the state of your above health concern, we may have to customize treatments specific to your condition beyond what we offer in our packages. The cost and the number of days will be in accordance with what we customize. We would like to speak to you so together we can create a specific package for you. Please contact us.

Since Ayurveda Resort customizes the therapies and food for each client. Price is based on individual requirements.

Send us the booking request to receive your price.