Mental Wellness

The time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda may be the most potent answer for our mental health challenges. One in three people are experiencing anxiety and other mental health challenges at this time. 

A lack of understanding that we are a whole integrated being, a dynamic living organism with body, mind and soul leads us to continue to solve our mental health challenges from the level of the mind. We can’t solve the problems from the same level that created them. We must go beyond the mind. This is where the wisdom of Ayurveda comes in.

There is no separation between the mind and the body; body is the mind and mind is the body. With this deeper understanding, Ayurvedic therapies are profound in calming the mind, restoring and regulating the nervous system.

The therapies chosen are meant to deeply de-stress the nervous system so you can transcend the mental activity and experience the calm and serenity. Some Ayurvedic therapies such as Shirodhara (streaming the oil over the forehead in a rhythmic fashion) are specifically designed for mental health.

With pranayama practices, specific yoga exercises and guided meditations, you are bound to restore your mental balance. Grounding and nourishing foods also play a key role in maintaining mental health.

The duration of this program can vary from person to person. Our highly trained Ayurvedic doctors and therapist will work with you to design a program that is suitable for your needs.