Pain Care

A high percentage of adults suffer with either dull or debilitating pain on a daily basis. Whether it is acute or chronic pain, it’s one of the major factors affecting the quality of our life.

Pain can be general discomfort, a feeling of achiness all over the body, severe and debilitating or it can be localized such as pain in the knees, neck, shoulders, hips and other joints in the body.  

Pain results from inflammation of the affected area arising from accumulated toxins in the body, poor posture, injury and/or degeneration of the tissues and other lifestyle factors. 

The focus of our pain care program is to reduce inflammation, get rid of the accumulated toxins, posture correction, strengthen the muscular structure, improve digestion and circulation and Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation techniques to manage the pain without too much reliance on medications.  

We will customize therapies for purification and purgation, joint rejuvenation, herbal and oil massages and localized treatments for the affected areas.

*Depending upon the state of your above health concern, we may have to customize treatments specific to your condition beyond what we offer in our packages. The cost and the number of days will be in accordance with what we customize. We would like to speak to you so together we can create a specific package for you. Please contact us.

Since Ayurveda Resort customizes the therapies and food for each client. Price is based on individual requirements.

Send us the booking request to receive your price.