The Best Way For Elderly Care: A Guide to Support and Assistance

The Best Way For Elderly Care: A Guide to Support and Assistance

Jun 27, 2024

Keeping good care of our elders is not just our responsibility but also the best way to show our love for them. As they age, their physical, emotional, and mental well-being starts getting weaker and weaker. This blog is going to help you know the best ways to provide elderly care and how an Ayurvedic wellness retreat can help in complete geriatric care, making sure that our seniors can have a comfortable and peaceful life. 

Understanding the Needs of the Elderly

Physical Needs

The physical health, like mobility, strength, and bones, of aging people gets more vulnerable with time. The most important thing is to ensure that our elderly receive adequate nutrition, exercise, and healthcare. The elderly may require assistance with daily activities such as eating, dressing, and bathing. Seniors usually suffer from chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, which require careful management and regular doctor appointments.

Social demands

For seniors, chatting with friends and family really matters a lot. Feeling isolated can take a toll on their mental health, so it's super important to stay connected with family, friends, and community groups and join in on social activities. They can stay socially active by joining planned vacations, participating in activities at the senior center, and getting involved in volunteer work.

The Best Ways For Elderly Care

Home Adjustments

Senior care includes many aspects, one of which is making the home safe and easily accessible. Modest changes can help minimize accidents. Some examples include adding grab bars to the restroom, upgrading the lighting, and eliminating trip risks. Larger modifications, such as stairlifts or ramps, may be required for those with mobility issues.

Daily Hygiene Practices

Maintaining daily hygiene is critical to our seniors' health and dignity. Elderly adults who are helped with grooming, teeth brushing, and bathing can retain their personal hygiene and self-esteem.

Things to Do to Improve Mental Health

For a beneficial effect on mental health, one should incorporate daily hobbies such as gardening, art, music, and even pet therapy for their elderly loved ones. You can make a big difference by helping them discover fun and meaningful activities they can get involved in.

Sustaining Social Relationships

Staying connected with people helps reduce loneliness and isolation in elderly people. Being involved in community activities, getting regular visits from their family and friends, and keeping up with their interests and hobbies are all key to keeping their mental health in good shape.

Ayurvedic Ways For Elderly Care

As people get older, they ought to spend more time in nature since it enhances their overall well-being. Ayurveda is the greatest method when it comes to nature since it uses natural remedies for all medical conditions. Because it encourages overall well-being through natural and preventive approaches, the ancient Indian medical system known as Ayurveda is significant in the field of geriatric care.  To balance the body's energies, an Ayurvedic wellness retreat provides individualized treatment based on each person's unique constitution (doshas). To help manage age-related illnesses such as arthritis, cognitive decline, and digestive issues, Ayurvedic therapies involve dietary recommendations, herbal supplements, and lifestyle modifications. Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapies and Geriatric Care treatment are specifically meant to improve the energy, immunity, and mental clarity of the aged, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • What is the best way to manage medication for the elderly?
  • Using pill organizers, setting reminders, and scheduling regular consultations with healthcare providers can all help you manage your medications more effectively.

  • How can I make my home safer for an elderly person?
  • Simple modifications, such as installing grab bars, improving lighting, and removing tripping hazards, can help make a home safer for seniors.

  • What are some activities to keep the elderly mentally stimulated?
  • Activities like puzzles, reading, playing games, and learning new skills can help keep our elders mentally stimulated. 

  • How do I choose the right professional caregiver?
  • When it comes to professional caregivers, you can count on an Ayurvedic wellness retreat as the best option. They offer natural and ancient ways to improve the elderly's health.

  • What support is available for caregivers?
  • Support groups, wellness retreats, and professional caregiving services are available to support caregivers.

  •  Do you offer a Geriatric Care Service in USA?
  • No, We currently do not offer Geriatric Care Services in the USA. 

    Due to some rules and regulations, giving authentic Geriatric Care therapy in the USA is not possible. So this is the reason we have set up authentic Geriatric Care therapy in our Sevayu Ayurveda Resort in Havana, Cuba where we offer customized Geriatric Care therapies, luxurious accommodations, daily Yoga and Pranayama sessions, and nutritious meals. Enjoy our relaxing environment with family-friendly options and airport transportation. 

    Our Sevayu Ayurveda Resort Address is:

    La Pradera, Calle 15 No. 22210, Between 222nd and 234, Siboney District, Playa Municipality, Havana. Cuba

    Visit to explore packages and book your wellness retreat today.

  • Does your Geriatric Care include transportation as well? Or do you have all-inclusive packages?
  • Our package includes therapies, 3 meals a day and accommodation.

    Yes, our packages include transportation only for Airport pick-up and drop-off. They are provided via “La Pradera” van. The driver will greet you with a name card.

    1. Varadero Airport: $150 for an 8-seater van, $200 for a private taxi (round trip).
    2. Havana Airport: $60 per vehicle (round trip).

    Payment Information:

    1. Canadian Travelers: Pay by credit card at the front desk on departure.
    2. American Travelers: We will invoice you separately for the transportation cost, payable at the end of your trip.

    For more details, please read our FAQ page.

    • Hi! I am interested in your 7 days of Geriatric Care Services. Are American citizens eligible to attend? Thanks!

    Even if you live in the United States, visiting Cuba is simple. Our resort is intended for Canadian and American citizens to experience Kerala Ayurveda closer to home. We look forward to welcoming you.


    Elderly care is a hard endeavor that requires patience, empathy, and a thorough understanding of their needs. We can help our senior loved ones live out their golden years in comfort and dignity by providing a safe environment, encouraging wellness, and emotional support. For the complete care of our beloved seniors, however, an ayurvedic wellness retreat is the right environment for a professional approach that integrates natural ayurvedic traditional methods such as Geriatric Care treatment and rejuvenation therapy.