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Our Ayurveda Resort in Cuba offers the best Panchakarma treatment for wellness, so come and experience the ultimate Panchakarma detoxification vacation here. Choose from 3, 7, 14, or 21-day Panchakarma packages tailored to your needs. Discover the rejuvenating power of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment right here for our fellow Canadian residents. Get these effective therapies with affordable Panchakarma treatment costs.

Our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners will guide you through each stage of Ayurveda’s panchakarma treatments to complement your panchakarma therapy journey and nurture your body and spirit. Our accommodations offer three daily nutritional meals, luxurious rooms, and overall relaxation in an oasis of peace where you can ensure your comfort during your stay.

At our panchakarma retreat with our Ayurvedic doctor's wide knowledge and experience, you may trust their guidance to optimize your panchakarma detoxification experience and achieve long-term results.

In our panchakarma ayurvedic treatment, we offer

Nasya Therapy: Nasya is the careful application of herbal oils through the nose. It helps to cleanse the nasal passages, resulting in better breathing and reducing tension. In this panchakarma detoxification, the therapy is believed to improve mental clarity and soothe the mind, resulting in relaxation and renewal.

Abhyanga Therapy: Abhyanga is a refreshing full-body massage involving warm herbal oils. It thoroughly nourishes the skin, relaxes fatigued muscles, and calms the nervous system. The panchakarma cleansing therapy helps to provide deep relaxation, releasing tension and producing a profound sense of well-being.

Karna Poorna Therapy: Karna Poorna involves applying warm herbal oils to the ears. It relieves ear irritation, reduces excess earwax accumulation, and improves hearing. It also has a calming effect on the mental state during a panchakarma treatment, helping with stress relief and relaxation.

Shirodhara Therapy: Shirodhara is a deeply relaxing therapy in which warmed herbal oil is gently poured in a steady stream over the forehead. It calms the nervous system, provides profound relaxation, and increases mental clarity. This ayurvedic panchakarma treatment is well known for its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Swedana Therapy: Swedana, or herbal steam therapy, involves sitting in a steam chamber filled with herbal decoctions at our panchakarma center. It opens the pores, increases sweating, and helps in the elimination of toxins from the body. The heat from the steam thoroughly relaxes the muscles, reduces tension, and promotes total relaxation and regeneration.