Your Winter Sanctuary for Healing

Ayurvedic Winter Escape
Experience the bliss for one month or longer
(Specifically designed for Retirees or Semi Retirees)

If you live anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, winter may not be your favorite time. We like the cold weather less and less as we get older. In fulfilling our need for comfort and warmth during the winter months, we tend to eat more, eat heavier meals, and move less, and the major holidays falling in the winter months contribute to our ill health.

This inevitably results in slower metabolism and accumulation of toxins in our body directly impacting our energy and mobility. We may experience increased lethargy and joint stiffness making many resort to pain and depression medication. Many people are susceptible to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter months escalating the number of cases with depression.

Not being able to get out frequently makes many older people feel lonely and isolated, not to mention the gloomy days can further trigger old traumas.

Bask in Sunlight and the Beauty of Nature

It’s important to point out the changing climate leading to reduced sun exposure with more cloudy days. Lack of sunlight directly affects our health; part of our brain called the hypothalamus stops working properly, we get deficient in Vit D which affects our immunity. So, how do we antidote the reality of winter?

Taking a trip to sunny places during winter months can not only interrupt the negative cycle that you may be experiencing but it has a long lasting affect on your mental and physical health. Now along with the sun, imagine experiencing the Ayurveda therapies specifically designed to oleate the body inside and out with warm herbalized massages, nourishing therapies for your joints and muscles for increased mobility and reduced pain. This is only the beginning. As we continue the therapies for a longer time, our mind and body begin to heal at a much deeper level due to the accumulated effect. Add to this freshly prepared vegetarian ayurvedic meal to repair and heal your gut so it can naturally detoxify. Toxins are the culprit in causing aches and pains in our bodies.

With plenty of down time and good company around, simply relax by the pool under the radiant sun as long as you like, enjoy strolling through our beautiful and exotic nature filled trails, listening to the birds and the breeze. Relax in your room or in the common area, read a book or take a nap. This experience will rejuvenate you in ways beyond your imagination, nothing less than feeling the bliss. For your adventurous soul, we can plan an excursion to the beach or into the town. Going to new places is so necessary to shift our state of mind which directly affects our health.

Transform Your Health with a Month-Long Ayurvedic Retreat

Our month-long program is designed with you in mind. We want to offer you a warm and healthy break from the winters so when you return the gloom of the weather hardly affects you as your mind and body have been recharged. Regardless of your ailments or diagnosis, our Ayurveda doctors will design the therapies to address the underlying imbalances that are at the root of your illness. Your month will be specifically customized to give your health a new makeover so you can breathe with ease and smile.

We can’t help but highlight the Ayurvedic meals freshly prepared by our Ayurvedic chefs from India and here is why. Food, in Ayurveda, is medicine. With the slower metabolism and drying effects of the winter weather on the body, we prepare meals to balance the effects of winter eating and heal your digestion.

Come stay with us for a month or longer. All you have to do is show up. We will take care of the rest.

Ayurveda Winter Program: Your Holistic Well-being

Ayurveda Winter Escape

  • A luxurious stay at our Ayurvedic Resort
  • 3 nourished healthy meals a day
  • Rejuvenating Panchakarma therapies
  • Daily sessions of Yoga & Meditation
  • Full access to resort amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, yoga and meditation hut.

Choose Package

$3,000.00 CAD

Benefits of the Ayurveda Winter Program

Herbal Oil Magic

Discover the ancient power of herbal oils, designed to nurture and revitalize your body.

Muscle Strengthening

Experience therapies focused on strengthening and toning your muscles.

Bone and Joint Care

Get custom-made therapies focusing on joints and strengthen the bones with Abhyanga.

Diabetic Care

Our tailored programs address diabetic concerns, promoting holistic well-being.

Respiratory care

Experience the miracle of nasal instillation of medicated oils for your respiratory issues.

Ayurvedic Detox

Feel a deep rejuvenation with our detox therapies best suited for your body type.

We invite you to fill out the booking request so we can contact you, answer your questions and help you with all the details to book. We can’t wait for you to enjoy our beautiful Sevayu Ayurveda resort in Havana Cuba.

Make Sevayu Ayurveda Resort Your Home for Winter

Enjoy the amenities and facilities of the resort, promising a relaxing stay. Revel in the beauty of our surroundings and let nature be your companion on this healing odyssey. Embark on a winter escape to Sevayu Ayurveda Resort, where January through April unveils its magic. Explore the stunning Caribbean Beach and immerse yourself in a world of well-being.

Your Journey to Health Starts here. Sevayu Ayurveda Resort invites you to commence your journey of healing to rediscover a healthier you. Book your stay now and embrace the warmth of Ayurveda!