Client's Experience of Panchakarma Treatment

What Our Clinet Says About our Sevayu Ayurveda Resort's Panchakarama Treatment

Feb 21, 2024

My wife and my trip to Cuba, just outside of Havana was truly outstanding. However, I want to highlight that it was extremely positive, not only on the physical health assessment, but also on a sound spiritual health foundation. It is important to highlight the synergy in healthy healing body-wide that occurs when the one two punches of biological health and spiritual health occur in tandem under a TRULY administered Panchakarma program, as has been administered in India for thousands of years. The experience starts out as the doctors interview you about your existing prescriptions, health history, and social habits. You pulse and blood pressure are taken, and doctors also look to and assess your tongue. With all this information your Doshas (body types and makeups) are keyed out. Most people will have a minor /major combination makeup of the 3 Doshas and depending upon your makeup and biological history, your treatment will include potentially specific types of daily total body massages using case specific herbs that will be keyed into your specific body chemistry. These can be changed throughout the week as your constituents change with the evolution of your health migrates upwards! These herbal massages are FANTASTIC! You feel continual daily strengthening of your health constituents. The extremely Panchakarma balanced meals address all aspects of health nutrition. In this retreat foods are seen as medicines. Each meal purposely includes tastes of all six diTerent types of taste buds on your tongue, which leave you having an extremely satisfied sensation mentally when you complete each meal. No psychological need for in-between-snacking. 

I come from Texas; a location world-renowned for its meals with blood oozing steaks perceived as a balanced diet. Green vegetables are placed on your dinner plate primarily to help visually contrast and beautify the luscious oozing crimson blood red of your steak. Previously I was proud to state that I was that Tejas type of vegetarian. However, SUPRIZINGLY, I found the Panchakarma vegetarian meals absolutely delicious! Don’t tell my Tejas compadres, but I have been consuming only vegetables since I got home (shh! ... I still can’t refer to myself as a vegetarian). However, it was one non-measurable quantity that made to Cuba trip priceless. It was the immeasurable spiritual quality of the folks that are working you back to health. There are discussions on what you are eating and the spiritual benefits to your soul in eating the foods. The members that work with you on the retreat are gentle sensitive people that understand your intuitive interests in getting/being healthy. It truly is a priceless synergistic combination that leads to a very healthy future.